Dr. Haines received his B.S. degree from Penn State University, two Masters degrees from Princeton, his PhD degree from New York University, two Post Doctorates from UCLA and his Doctorate of Jurisprudence degree (J.D.) from Western State University College of Law.

For over 30 years, Dr. Haines has been practicing Real Estate in Southern California, from the sales of single family homes to multifamily apartment complexes, office buildings, retail centers, land and etc. He has always had the best interests of customers and clients in focus.

Believing that the highest quality of decision making takes place with a combination of the theoretical and the practical, Dr. Haines has both taught courses such as Residential and Commercial Appraisal, Finance, Real Estate Economics, Law, Real Estate Taxation, Property Management, Real Estate Principles, Home Inspection, Income Property Analysis, Sales of Business Opportunities and etc., and has been actively engaged in Practical and Residential and Commercial Real Property Brokerage for over 30 years in Southern California.

In addition, Dr. Haines buys, renovates and resells residential and income properties.

He also works closely with developers to find land and facilities for residential and commercial use.

To assist small to medium sized businesses with cash flow concerns and to assist in their growth, Worldwide Financial Consultants Inc. provides factoring (buying company receivables) to provide immediate and constant cash flow.

For medical entities like hospitals, nursing homes, ambulance companies, doctor's offices, Worldwide also provides factoring to provide instant cash for Medicare, medical and insurance receivables.

IIn its loan brokerage function, Worldwide arranges loans for residential and commercial properties at the most competitive rates and terms custom tailored to meet the needs of clients with specific requirements.

Worldwide Financial Consultants Inc. belongs to Pacific West Association of Realtors, the California Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.

To strategize and plan for the appropriate solutions for individual needs, Worldwide provides consultation services to individuals, businesses, corporations, partnerships and other groups. Finding the best direction to move in particular circumstances is often the first step to forming a plan which can bring ultimate success.

Finding just the right home for an individual or family is for Worldwide a thrilling adventure. We have access to the wide range of properties on the market and goals to meet the individual needs of each of our clients.

Sellers can list their homes with confidence that Worldwide will put them first with our goal of selling in the shortest period of time possible at a fair market price.

Buyers of income property can feel secure that we have over three decades of experience in the analysis and the valuation of realistically priced property.

Sellers can feel confident that we understand income property since we own, operate and manage commercial property. As investors we have bought, owned and sold properties at a substantial profit for investors.